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Shakespeare Machine Stamping started in business as a one-man operation in 1967. Founded by Rocco Gilio, the owner and at the time, sole employee. He worked out of a rented single storefront with a Browne and Sharpe screw machine that he retrieved from a local junkyard and rebuilt.

Rocco landed his first business when he retooled the rebuilt Screw Machine to produce a difficult part that had given a customer trouble for years. His dedication to meeting and exceeding customer's demands has given Shakespeare the ability to expand at a fast pace. Today, Shakespeare Machine manufactures and ships off-the-shelf components used in the manufacturing of the abrasive industry to country's such as the United States, Mexico, Columbia, Italy, France, Thailand and many more with our ever expanding customer base.

In 1990 Bob Folk, an employee of Shakespeare for 22 years purchased the company from his father-in-law Rocco and continued the tradition of supplying parts from stock. Upon Bob's death in January of 1999, Ronald A. Haarsma, a long time family friend and trusted business associate, purchased the company. With the strong foundation in place, Ronald has continued dedicating himself to continuing the business philosophy begun more then 45 years ago.

Presently, Shakespeare Machine is located in a modern facility that was built in 2001 creating over 76,000 square feet of manufacturing space and over 50 employees. Consistent daily efforts have allowed Shakespeare Machine to continue to build its reputation as a fast, reliable service with high quality parts. With the latest technology applied in the manufacturing of our parts such as Zinc flanges as well as our metal stampings, Shakespeare has become the premiere Abrasive Industry Supplier.

Shakespeare Machine Stamping Warehouse
Shakespeare Machine is located in a modern facility that has over 76,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employs over 50 people.


Abrasive Wheels

Supplying Quality Components used in the Manufacture of Abrasive Wheels.

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